We represent companies of all sizes from major oil companies to development stage companies, as well as private equity investors, both in traditional oil and gas matters and in clean tech and alternative sources of energy.  We provide our energy industry clients with in depth experience in capital raising and corporate finance, private equity investments and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, project finance, intellectual property, antitrust, compliance (FCPA, export control and trade sanctions) and litigation.


III Explorations II LP: Represented the equity holders of III Explorations, a U.S. oil and gas exploration and production company, in connection with its chapter 11 bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah.

Bondholders/Enron Corp: Served as counsel to unofficial committees or groups of bondholders or other creditors in the Enron Corp. chapter 11 case.

Calpine: Represented institutional client Calpine in its chapter 11 cases. Also represented creditor Monarch (f/k/a Quadrangle) in the chapter 11 case of Calpine.

CGG: Represented the Steering Committee of the High Yield Bond Holders on the debt restructuring of French oil services company CGG, one of the largest financial restructurings in France, with over $3 billion of indebtedness and the first restructuring conducted simultaneously under French Sauvegarde regime and chapter 11 and chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Compañia Mega: Advised a group of U.S. investors (insurance companies) with the restructuring of Compañia Mega in Argentina.

Crystallex International Corporation: Represented the former gold mine owner in its chapter 15 proceeding in U.S. bankruptcy cases. Willkie was the prime architect of a unique DIP auction strategy, in which the lenders bid on the right to offer secured postpetition financing to the company collateralized by the Company’s sole asset, a valuable arbitration claim again a sovereign state.

D.E. Shaw Laminar Portfolios LLC/Covanta Energy Corporation: Represented D.E. Shaw Laminar as an equity sponsor for the chapter 11 plan of Covanta Energy Corporation.

Dynegy: Represented an ad hoc group of bondholders in connection with Dynegy subsidiary Illinois Power Generating Company’s prepackaged chapter 11 case.

Energy XXI Ltd.: Represented the first lien administrative agent in the prenegotiated restructuring of Energy XXI Ltd., which filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston Division).

Fieldwood Energy: Represented Citibank, N.A. in the Fieldwood Energy chapter 11 restructuring.

FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.: Represent the Independent Directors of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary in the investigation of intercompany transfers and decoupling process in connection with the chapter 11 case of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. and its affiliates.

Goodrich Petroleum: Represented the first lien administrative agent in the chapter 11 bankruptcy cases of Goodrich Petroleum and its affiliated debtor in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston Division).

Liberty Oilfield Services: Advised Liberty Oilfield Services on its acquisition of Sanjel Corporation’s U.S. fracturing, coiled tubing and cementing assets in connection with Sanjel’s bankruptcy cases in Canada and the United States.

Melody Capital Partners: Representing Melody Capital Partners in its acquisition and restructuring of the debt of a distressed oil and gas company.

National Energy & Gas Transmission: Advised National Energy & Gas in its chapter 11 case (f/k/a PG&E National Energy Group).

Pacific Exploration & Production Corp.: Represented PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. as the court-appointed monitor and authorized foreign representative of oil and natural gas enterprise involved in the exploration, development, and production of certain oil and natural gas interests, principally in Colombia, and, to a lesser extent, in other jurisdictions including Peru, Brazil, and Belize, Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. in chapter 15 proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, resulting in the restructuring of approximately $5.4 billion.

Patriot Coal Corporation: Represented Bank of America, N.A., as administrative agent under Patriot’s prepetition first lien credit facility, as administrative agent and letter of credit issuer under Patriot’s $302 million “second out” DIP letter of credit facility, and as a joint lead arranger and letter of credit issuer under Patriot’s $500 million “first out” DIP revolving credit and term loan facility. We played a lead role in negotiating the terms of Patriot’s chapter 11 plan and exit financing, which required the Bank of America-led syndicate and letter of credit issuers to consent to a partial rollout of the second DIP facility.

Petroleum Geo-Services ASA: Represented PGS-ASA in its cross-border restructuring.

Sabine Oil and Gas Corporation: Represented the administrative agent in the bankruptcy of Sabine Oil and Gas Corporation, an oil and gas exploration and production company, in the Southern District of New York.

Samson Resources Corporation: Represented a $1 billion syndicate of second lien lenders in the chapter 11 bankruptcy of Samson Resources Corporation, an independent oil and natural gas company, in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

SemGroup: Represented Bank of America, N.A. as administrative agent for a syndicate of prepetition lenders holding $3 billion of debt extended to SemGroup, a midstream energy and commodity company that filed chapter 11 in United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

Southcross Energy Partners, L.P.: Represent an ad hoc group of prepetition term loan and revolver lenders and DIP lenders in chapter 11 case of Southcross Energy pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

TerraForm Global, Inc.: Represented an ad hoc group of noteholders representing more than 70% of the issue in negotiations with TerraForm Global, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Global”). Global is a renewable energy project held by SunEdison Inc., which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

WBH Energy Partners: Represented WBH Energy Partners as special counsel in connection with its Austin, TX-based chapter 11 reorganization, including negotiating DIP financing and the sale under section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code of the debtor’s assets.

Westinghouse Electric Co.: Represent Brookfield Business Partners L.P. in the $4.6 billion acquisition of Westinghouse Electric Co.’s U.S. and non-U.S. businesses.

Bpifrance: Advised Bpifrance in connection with Vallourec’s €1 billion equity fundraising.

Liberty Oilfield Services Inc.: Represented the selling stockholders, R/C Energy IV Direct Partnership, L.P. and R/C IV Liberty Holdings, L.P., funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings, LLC, in their approximately $100 million sale of 8,700,000 shares of Class A common stock of Liberty Oilfield Services.

BNP Paribas: Represented BNP Paribas with the financing of a cogeneration facility within a larger mining project (Goro Nickel) in New Caledonia.

Carthage Power Company/Rhades II: Represented Carthage Power Company with the drafting and negotiation of a number of project agreements relating to the Rhades II power plant in Tunisia.

Crédit du Nord: Advised Crédit du Nord in the financing of a diesel power plant in Ghana.

Dalkia: Advised Dalkia in numerous cogeneration projects in France and the Czech Republic.

Électricité de France and China Datang Corporation: Represented EDF and China Datang in connection with their bid submission tendered to the Office National de l’Électricité (ONE) for the development of a 1320 MW coal-fired power plant in Safi, Morocco.

Government of Mauritania: Represented Government of Mauritania in the restructuring of production sharing contracts entered into with a consortium with respect to exploration and production of offshore oil resources.

Government of the Republic of Djibouti: Represented the Government of the Republic of Djibouti in the connection with the Ethiopia to Djibouti Gas Pipeline Project.

Issuer/Natural Gas Project: Advised the issuer with a $875,000,000 natural gas pipeline project.

Lyonnaise des Eaux de Casablanca: Represented Lyonnaise des Eaux de Casablanca, the water and power distribution concessionaire for the Casablanca region, with a restructuring of its concession and a limited recourse bond financing listed on the Casablanca stock exchange.

Mitsui, QPIC, Sotraco/Methanol Production Facility: Represented a consortium of Kuwaiti petrochemical company QPIC, Mitsui and Algerian industrial and services’ company, Sotraco, with the design, construction and operation of a methanol production facility in Algeria.

Mt. Isa Mines: Advised the lead arrangers of Mt. Isa Mines coal project financing.

Poweo: Advised Poweo, the leading French independent power trader and producer (now a subsidiary of Direct Energie) with the following independent power producer projects:

  • the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a 412 MW CCGT power plant in Pont-sur-Sambre, France.
  • the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a 420 MW CCGT power plant in Toul, France.
  • the development of its CCGT project in Beaucaire, France (eventually moved to Toul, France).

Statkraft: Advised Norwegian power utility Statkraft with its potential participation as a bidder in the French state procurement process for the award of hydroelectric concessions.

Statkraft/CCGT Power Plant: Advised Norwegian power utility Statkraft with the development of a potential CCGT power plant in France.

Suez/Water Treatment Plan: Advised group of affiliates in the drafting and negotiation of a construction contract for the design and construction of a water treatment plant and ancillary facilities in Amman, Jordan.

ArcLight Capital Partners: Advised on the following development stage project acquisitions for ArcLight Capital:

  • Turbine Power Plants: The construction and operation of three biomass-fired steam turbine power plants in France.
  • Wind Farms: The construction and operation of wind farms in France and the subsequent advise on the project until financial close.

Bluewater/IMServ Europe Limited/Schneider Electric: Represented Bluewater on its acquisition of IMServ Europe Limited from Schneider Electric.

BP, Aral Group: Represented BP and Aral Group on the sale of a substantial part of their petrol station portfolio.

Bregal Freshstream/Verwater: Represented Bregal Freshstream in its acquisition of a majority stake in Verwater, a Dutch oilfield services company, from investment firm Infestos.

BTU Ventures: Advised BTU Ventures with the acquisition of a majority shareholding in the Rhades II CCGT power plant project.

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations: Advised Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations with the acquisition of a minority of the share capital of Gaz Electrictié de Grenoble.

Crédit du Nord: Provided advise to Crédit du Nord regarding the acquisition financing of twelve wind farms in France.

e.n.o. energy: Represented e.n.o., a leading manufacturer of wind turbines for the European market in the sale of two windfarms in France and Germany.

European Investment Bank (EIB)/Groupe Energies Vienne: Advised EIB on its €70 million financing for Groupe Energies Vienne’s Renewable Power Projects. 

Electricité de France (EDF): Represented EDF, a world-leading, French state-owned supplier of power, in the following transactions:

  • Montedison S.p.A: 1) Its €1.5 billion acquisition of 20 percent of the share capital of Montedison S.p.A., which resulted in EDF becoming a major shareholder; 2) its €5.5 billion public offer to buy 100 percent of the capital of Montedison; and 3) its €560 million acquisition of 100 percent of Fenice S.p.A.
  • Morrocco Power Plant: Represented EDF and China Datang with a joint bid submission tendered to the Office National de l’Électricité for the development of a 1320 MW coal-fired power plant in Safi, Morocco.
  • Photowatt International: The acquisition of Photowatt International, a now-bankrupt company active in the photovoltaic sector.

Eurofideme: Represented Natixis fund Eurofideme with the acquisition of a stake in a holding company of energy assets, including biomass plants, wind farms and photovoltaic installations.

Petroplus: Advised Petroplus with the acquisition of two oil refineries in France.

SG Energy: Represented SG Energy, a US energy company and a fully owned subsidiary of Supergas Energy, an Israeli energy company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, in its investment in Balanced Rock Power, a Utah-based company that develops, invests in, and sells renewable energy projects throughout North America.

Statkraft: Advised the Norweigan power utility Statkraft in the proposed acquisition of a stake in a solar (photovoltaic) project in France.

Zenith Energy/BP: Advised Zenith Energy, a portfolio company of Warburg Pincus, in its agreement to acquire a liquids storage terminal facility located in the port of Amsterdam from BP plc.

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation: Provided counsel with the awarding of a bid to construct and operate a hydro-electric plant by a local public-owned company (SEM).

Direct Energie: Advised Direct Energie regarding disputes relating to the planning and environmental authorizations required for the construction of a CCGT power plant in the Oise Region.

GDF Suez: Advised GDF Suez in two major proceedings before the European Commission related to an alleged restrictive market-sharing arrangement with German gas company E.On/Ruhrgas and alleged abuse of a dominant position concerning access to GDF Suez’s transport infrastructures.

Perstorp: Provided counsel to Perstorp on merger control and environmental law issues with its joint venture with PTT Global Chemical.

Petroplus: Represented Petroplus in its shutdown of one of its French refineries and advised regarding the notification of central authorities. Assisted in negotiations with local environmental authorities and stakeholders.

Several mining operators: Advised several mining operators in the negotiations with the central authorities regarding the assignment of mining permits and concessions.  

Bartesch v. Cook: Obtained dismissal with prejudice of securities fraud class action lawsuit brought in Delaware federal court against former directors and officers of geothermal power company.

Dayton Power and Light Corp. v. Forster, et al.: Served as chief trial lawyer for former CEO of Dayton Power and Light in litigation over company’s claim for $150 million and client’s counterclaim for improper withholding of benefits and alleged breach of fiduciary duty.  Reached settlement before jury deliberations with payment of $25 million to client and co-defendants.

General Electric v. United States: Served as counsel for GE in $1 billion dispute with government concerning pension and health care costs under government contracts.

Independent Oil and Natural Gas Company: Advised one of the largest independent oil and natural gas companies in the U.S  in a comprehensive anticorruption risk assessment and FCPA compliance policy review. 

International Extractive Company: Assisted a leading international extractive company based outside of the U.S. with an overhaul of its anticorruption controls and procedures.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Oil and Gas Company: Selected to conduct a compliance program review by a multi-billion-dollar oil and gas company that is required by a court order, under the terms of a past settlement of FCPA charges, to conduct such a review.

WTG v. ConocoPhillips, et al.: Represented investment bank in action by disappointed bidder against seller and its investment bank for breach of contract and tortious interference.

AccessESP: Represented AccessESP, a portfolio company of Lime Rock Partners, in its acquisition by Baker Hughes.

Acciona Energía Internacional S.A.: Represented Acciona Energía Internacional S.A., one of Spain's leaders in renewable energy, water and services and infrastructure development, in its €157 million sale of its German wind park portfolio to Swiss energy company Swisspower Renewables AG.

Apex Energy: Advised management of Apex Energy, LLC in the formation of a strategic partnership with Apollo Global Management to invest in oil and gas properties in the Appalachian Basin.

Axis Energy Services/Lime Rock Partners/Basic Energy Services: Represented Lime Rock Partners and its portfolio company Axis Energy Services in its acquisition, as a stalking horse bidder, of substantially all of Basic Energy’s well servicing and completion and remedial segment assets.

Bayou City Energy: Represented Bayou City Energy in a DrillCo transaction between its affiliate, BCE Roadrunner LLC, and Chaparral Energy, L.L.C. to jointly develop Chaparral’s STACK acreage in Canadian and Garfield Counties, Oklahoma.

Bayswater/York Tactical Energy Fund: Represented York Tactical Energy Fund in a $125 million strategic asset-level joint venture in the DJ Basin with Bayswater Natural Resources Fund III.

BCE-Mach LLC: Represented BCE-Mach LLC, a partnership between Bayou City Energy Management LLC and Mach Resources, in the acquisition of producing oil and gas properties located in Barber and Harper Counties, Kansas.

Black Knight Energy/Kayne Anderson: Represented Black Knight Energy, a private energy company formed to pursue the acquisition and development of large, cash flowing oil and natural gas assets across the lower 48 states, and its management team in its $500 million equity commitment from Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors.

BofA Securities/South Jersey Industries, Inc./Infrastructure Investments Fund: Advised BofA Securities as financial advisor to South Jersey Industries, Inc. in its approximately $8.1 billion acquisition by the Infrastructure Investments Fund (of J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc.)

Brookfield/Westinghouse: Represented Brookfield Business Partners in its acquisition of Westinghouse Electric Company, a market-leading nuclear power service, for approximately $4.6 billion.

Bruin Purchaser/Enerplus Resources: Represented Bruin Purchaser LLC in the $465 million sale of its wholly owned subsidiary, Bruin E&P HoldCo, LLC, a pure play Williston Basin oil and gas company, to Enerplus Resources (USA).

Caliche Development Partners II: Represented Caliche Development Partners II, an energy storage business, in its capital commitment transaction with Orion Infrastructure Capital and GCM Grosvenor and two related acquisitions.

Capital Constellation/Ara Partners: Represented Capital Constellation in its $150 million strategic partnership with Ara Partners Group, whereby Capital Constellation will acquire a substantial minority ownership interest in Ara Partners and provide the firm and its affiliates with significant investment capital.

Carnelian Energy Capital LP/Percussion Petroleum LLC: Represented Carnelian Energy Capital LP in its capital commitment to Percussion Petroleum LLC, an independent oil and natural gas company based in Houston.

Carnelian Energy Capital Management/SandPoint Resources/Veritas Permian: Represented Carnelian Energy Capital II, L.P., a fund managed by Carnelian Energy Capital Management, in connection with equity commitments to upstream oil and gas companies SandPoint Resources, LLC and Veritas Permian II, LLC.  

Cartesian Capital Group/Westport Innovations: Represented Cartesian Capital Group LLC in its investment in Westport Innovations Inc., a Canadian company engineering the world's most advanced natural gas engines and vehicles.

Colony Capital/HB2 Energy: Represented Colony Capital in its joint venture with HB2 Energy to form Colony HB2 Energy, an energy-focused investment management platform.

Colony Capital/Colony HB2 Energy/California Resources Corporation: Represented Colony Capital in its joint venture between Colony HB2 Energy and California Resources Corporation to fund up to $500 million for the development of CRC’s flagship Elk Hills field, located in the San Joaquin Basin.

Colony Capital/Equity Group Investments/Alpine Energy Capital, LLC: Represented Colony Capital in connection with the formation of the new joint venture partnership, Alpine Energy Capital, LLC, by Colony Capital and Equity Group Investments.

Drillinginfo/Insight Venture Partners/Genstar Capital: Represented oil and gas data intelligence provider Drillinginfo, a portfolio company of Insight Venture Partners, in its sale to Genstar Capital.

Enstor Gas/Waha Gas Storage/WhiteWater Midstream: Represented Enstor in the sale of Waha Gas Storage Facility to WhiteWater Midstream.

Freedom Oil & Gas/Ramus Capital: Represented Ramas Capital Management, LLC in the formation of Ramas Energy Capital I, L.P. and the consummation of its initial investment in Freedom Oil & Gas Ltd.

Glendale Energy Ventures/TPG Sixth Street Partners: Represented Glendale Energy Ventures in its $500 million joint venture platform with TPG Sixth Street Partners to pursue acquisitions of non-operated oil and gas properties.

Goodnight Midstream/TPG Capital: Represented the management team of Goodnight Midstream, a provider of oilfield water management infrastructure services, in the acquisition by TPG Capital of a majority stake in Goodnight for a purchase price of $930 million.

Hawthorne Energy/Carnelian Energy Capital: Represented the management team of Hawthorne Energy in connection with the formation of Hawthorne Energy, LLC and a line of equity commitment from Carnelian Energy Capital III, L.P.

Houston Energy: Represented Houston Energy in its venture with a third party private equity firm for the exploration and development of certain deepwater Gulf of Mexico non-operated exploratory projects.

Irving Place Capital: Represented Irving Place Capital in the restructuring of its oil and gas partnership with NGP.

Juniper Capital Advisors: Represented Juniper in multiple oil and gas transactions and portfolio company investments, including equity-line management team arrangements, cash and carry asset-level joint ventures and oil and gas acquisitions. Represented Juniper portfolio companies in a variety of oil and gas transactions. 

Juniper Capital Advisors/BoomTown Oil: Represented Juniper Capital in its strategic partnership with BoomTown Oil with respect to Eagle Ford Shale upstream oil and gas projects.

Juniper Capital Advisors/Penn Virginia: Represented Juniper Capital in its $188 million strategic investment in independent oil and gas company Penn Virginia.

Kalnin Ventures/BKV Oil & Gas Capital Partners/Devon Energy: Represented Kalnin Ventures investment vehicle BKV in the acquisition of Barnett Shale assets from Devon Energy, making BKV the largest natural gas producer in the Barnett Shale.

Kalnin Ventures/Warren Resources: Represented Kalnin Ventures LLC in the $105 million acquisition of Marcellus Shale assets from Warren Resources in northeastern Pennsylvania’s Wyoming County. 

Kayne Anderson/Ensign Natural Resources/Pioneer Natural Resources: Represented Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors in its equity commitment to Ensign in the acquisition of Eagle Ford acreage from Pioneer Natural Resources.

Kayne Anderson/WildFire Energy/Warburg Pincus: Represented the Kayne Private Energy Income Funds (Kayne Anderson) investment platform in its agreement with Warburg Pincus to provide a $1 billion equity commitment to WildFire Energy, I LLC, an oil and gas exploration and production company.

Laredo Petroleum/Sabalo Energy: Represented Laredo Petroleum in its acquisition of Midland Basin Assets from Sabalo Energy (and a non-operating partner) for approximately $715 million, an acquisition that involved consideration consisting of both cash and Laredo common stock.

Lime Rock Partners: Represented Lime Rock in the following matters:

  • E&P Companies: Represented Lime Rock in various E&P and coal “equity line” arrangements with management teams.
  • UTEC: Represented Lime Rock in its LBO of UTEC, a Houston/Aberdeen-based subsea equipment manufacturer.

Live Oak Resource Partners/Posse Resources: Represented Live Oak Resource Partners in its sale of mineral and royalty assets in north Louisiana to Posse Resources.

LS Power/Rev Renewables: Represented LS Power in the formation of clean energy platform REV Renewables, and contribution of a 2.4GW portfolio of assets draw from LSP’s existing portfolio, consisting of solar, wind, pumped hydro and battery storage assets.

LS Power/REV Renewables/SK E&S: Represented LS Power and REV Renewables in a $300+ million equity investment by SK E&S in REV to accelerate the expansion of REV's portfolio of renewable power and energy storage projects.

Maritime Finance Company/KKR:  Represented Maritime Finance Co., a specialty finance company created to lend to the maritime industry, and its founders, Kristan Bodden and Gabriel Tolchinsky, in the company’s $580 million capitalization by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. and MerchCap Solutions LLC.

Millennial Energy Partners: Serve as fund counsel and represented MEP in all of its oil and gas A&D transactions and joint ventures, including acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures in the STACK play.

Newpek/Texas Sinor Nest Oil Assets: Represented Newpek LLC in its sale, along with joint venture partner Pioneer Natural Resources Co., of upstream oil and gas assets located in the Sinor Nest Field (Lower Wilcox) in Live Oak County in South Texas.

Oaktree/Diversified Energy/Central Region Assets: Represented Oaktree Capital Management in joint acquisition of upstream oil and gas assets in Oklahoma Mid-Continent region with Diversified Energy Company from Tapstone Energy Holdings and a related party.

OneNexus Environmental/BlackGold Capital Management: Represented OneNexus Environmental, a financial technology energy company, in its strategic partnership with BlackGold Capital Management to provide asset retirement solutions to oil and gas companies.

PDI Technologies/Blue Cow Software, LLC. : Represented PDI Technologies, a portfolio company of Insight Partners, in its acquisition of Blue Cow Software, LLC,  a fuel oil and propane management software business.

Percussion Petroleum: Represented the management team in connection with the formation of Percussion Petroleum II, LLC and equity commitment from Carnelian Energy Capital to pursue an acquisition and development strategy in select onshore oil and gas basins in North America.

Pickering Energy Partners/Henry Resources: Represented a Houston-based energy investment management firm Pickering Energy Partners in a $500 million strategic joint venture with oil and gas operator Henry Resources.

Pickering Energy Partners/Perella Weinberg Partners Capital Management/Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Company: Represented Pickering Energy Partners in its launch and spin-out of all remaining energy asset management strategies of Perella Weinberg Partners Capital Management.

Pickering Energy Partners/SailingStone Capital Partners: Represented PEP in its deal to merge with SailingStone, expanding PEP’s investment platform to include SailingStone’s energy transition, global natural resources, and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investment experience and strategies.

Post Oak Energy Capital/Earthstone Energy/Bighorn Permian Resources: Represented Post Oak Energy Capital, LP, as investor in the PIPE transaction as part of Earthstone Energy’s approximately $860 million acquisition of Bighorn Permian Resources’ assets.

Quantum Energy Partners: Represented Quantum Energy Partners in the following matters:

  • Gulf Coast Energy Resources: Represented Quantum as a co-investor with Warburg Pincus in the formation of Gulf Coast Energy Resources.
  • Legion II: Represented Quantum in various structuring aspects of Legion II, a Quantum portfolio company.

Riverstone Holdings LLC: Represented energy and power-focused private equity firm Riverstone Holdings in the following matters:

  • Liberty Resources I and II; Liberty Oilfield Services: Represented Riverstone in the formation of its Denver-based oil and gas portfolio companies Liberty Resources and Liberty Oilfield Services.
    • Advised Liberty Resources, headed by Chris Wright, in the “re-up” of management in Liberty Resources II.
    • Advised Liberty Resources I in its definitive agreement to sell oil and gas property in the Bakken to Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. for $660 million.
    • Represented Liberty Oilfield Services in its acquisition of the U.S. fracturing, coiled tubing and cementing assets of Sanjel Corporation.
  • Vantage Energy/Rice Energy: Represented Riverstone Holdings LLC, one of the major investors in Vantage Energy, in the sale of Vantage Energy I and II to Rice Energy, Inc. for approximately $2.7 billion.

Rod and Tubing Services/Lime Rock Partners/Certus Energy Solutions/Amberjack Capital Partners: Represented Rod and Tubing Services, a portfolio company of Lime Rock Partners, in its business combination with Certus Energy Solutions, a portfolio company of Amberjack Capital Partners.

Sage Midstream Ventures/Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners: Represented Sage Midstream Ventures in its equity commitment of up to $500 million from Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners.

Samson Resources/Powder River Basin Assets: We represented Samson Resources II, LLC in its agreement to sell its Powder River Basin Assets for $215 million.

Samson Resource II/Rockcliff Energy II: Represented Samson Resources II, LLC, a privately held onshore exploration and production company, in the $525 million sale of its East Texas and North Louisiana Assets to Houston-based oil and gas company Rockcliff Energy II LLC.

Silver Creek/Genesis Energy: Represented Silver Creek Midstream in its $300 million leveraged buyout of Genesis Energy L.P.’s midstream energy business located in the Powder River Basin; and $600 million equity commitment from the newly formed joint venture between Tailwater Capital LLC and The Energy & Minerals Group.

Silver Creek/Tailwater Capital: Represented Silver Creek Midstream in its equity commitment upsize from $150 million to $300 million by Tailwater Energy Fund III and certain co-investors to build out a 100%-owned crude gathering system in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. 

Split Rock Resources: Represented Split Rock Resources on its $97.5 million acquisition of core non-operated oil and gas assets in New Mexico and Texas.

Springbok/Kimbell Royalty Partners: Represented Springbok in the sale of mineral and royalty interests to Kimbell Royalty Partners for $175 million.

TFH Reliability Group, LLC/Shell USA, Inc.: Represented TFH Reliability Group, LLC, a provider of industrial products and services, asset performance management and reliability consultancy services and portfolio company of Capstreet, in its sale to Shell USA, Inc.

The Capstreet Group/Thorpe Specialty Services: Advised The Capstreet Group in its sale of Thorpe Specialty Services. 

The CapStreet Group, LLC/T.F. Hudgins Holdings, LLC/Allied Reliability Group Holdings, LLC: Represented The CapStreet Group in the combination of portfolio company T.F. Hudgins Holdings and Allied Reliability Group Holdings.

Third Point/Exco Resources: Represented Third Point with its PIPEs investment in Exco Resources.

Trident Energy/Hess: Represented Trident Energy, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company, in its acquisition of an interest in oil exploration and production assets offshore Equatorial Guinea from Hess.

Veritas Energy/Carnelian Energy Capital Management/Northern Oil and Gas: Represented Veritas Energy and Carnelian Energy Capital Management in the sale of Permian Basin assets to Northern Oil and Gas for $406.5 million.

Western Midstream Partners/Cactus II Pipeline LLC: Represented Western Midstream Partners, LP in the sale of its 15% interest in the Cactus II Pipeline LLC.

Yildirim Group: Represented Yildirim Group in several transactions in Latin America including the acquisition of coal-mining assets in Colombia from CCX Carvao da Colombia SA (a unit of Eike Batista).

Zenith Energy/Bulk Terminal Storage/Guttman Realty: Represented Zenith Energy in the acquisition of the assets of Bulk Terminal Storage from Guttman Realty.

Andros Capital Partners/Midland-Petro D.C. Partners: Represented Andros Capital Partners in its $150 million Permian Basin drilling joint venture.

Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiaries/CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC: Represented various subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway with the $1.3 billion secured loan to CenterPoint Energy.

Coterra Energy Inc.: Represented Coterra Energy Inc. in the negotiation of a $1.5 billion revolving credit facility.

Dalkia: Represented Dalkia on the negotiation and signing of its partnership agreement with Amundi Transition Energétique to support the development of renewable heating networks in France.

Houston Energy/Quantum Energy/HEQ Deepwater: Represented Houston Energy in the formation of HEQ Deepwater, with Quantum Energy, with more than $400 million of equity capital commitments.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd./Sempra Infrastructure/TotalEnergies/Mitsubishi Corporation: Represented Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in its participation agreement with Sempra Infrastructure, TotalEnergies and Mitsubishi Corporation for the development of the Hackberry Carbon Sequestration project.

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