February 24, 2021

The Willkie Black Affinity Group hosted a presentation by equal rights activist, historian and writer Dr. Mary Frances Berry in honor of Black History Month.

On February 24, as part of the Firm’s Diversity Speaker Series and in honor of Black History Month, Willkie hosted equal rights activist, historian and writer Dr. Mary Frances Berry, who gave the presentation “Race, Protest and Politics – Where Do We Go From Here?”

Dr. Berry led the charge for equal rights and liberties for all Americans over the course of four Presidential administrations, serving as Chairperson of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and was also one of the founders of the Free South Africa Movement. She is a Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought and Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences.

Her presentation covered many subjects, including the Biden administration and its potential for impact on racial justice, the disparate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine availability on the Black community, and the polarized state of the United States following the Black Lives Matter protests during the summer of 2020.

Camille Grant, an associate based in Willkie’s New York office and Co-Chair of the Black Affinity Group, introduced Dr. Berry. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

For more information on Dr. Berry and her work, please click here.