October 6, 2022

On October 7th, at 11:45 CEST, Energy and Commodities chair Norman Bay will be speaking on the “Strategies to Accelerate Investment in Clean Energy” panel at the 9th Annual EPRI-IEA Challenges in Decarbonisation Workshop. The panel will present some of the most innovative approaches to advance clean energy purchasing and highlight challenges that are specific to public and private sector stakeholders.

The 9th Annual EPRI-IEA Challenges in Decarbonisation Workshop A Window into the Global Energy Transition is a two day long workshop in Paris. The EPRI-IEA Challenges in Decarbonisation Workshop series brings together leading experts from government, academia, think-tanks and the private sector from around the world to share experiences relating to decarbonising the electricity system. Participants identify barriers and opportunities for the sector and discuss best practices from various approaches to decarbonisation in different jurisdictions. Past workshops have included deep dives into a diverse set of topics such as near-term market structure, long-term decarbonisation pathways, supply resiliency, and end-use electrification opportunities.

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Norman Bay
Norman C. Bay Partner Corporate & Financial Services

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