December 5, 2023

Willkie has been recognized as one of the industry’s most innovative and successful law firms in the Financial Times’ 2023 North America Innovative Lawyers report. 

Willkie ranked #12 in the FT’s list of the top 35 innovative firms based on a combination of factors, including digital solutions, diversity and inclusion and talent development, revenue growth, and social responsibility. In addition to highlighting its innovative initiatives, FT noted Willkie’s steady expansion in recent years, a period of record growth and profitability. It named Willkie one of the fastest-growing North American firms by revenue, over three years to the financial year ending in 2022, based on analysis by the FT’s research partner RSGI.

The report also highlighted two Willkie initiatives as case studies for law firm business innovation. Willkie’s asset management investment platform was “Highly Commended” for providing clients with transactional and compliance management solutions. Additionally, the firm’s environmental analyst internship program was “Commended” for bringing college students to the firm – two of whom have subsequently joined as full-time employees – to support further development of Willkie’s sustainability initiatives. 

Financial Times published the Innovative Lawyers report as part of the Innovative Lawyers Awards North America 2023, its annual series recognizing the legal industry’s most innovative leaders, law firms and corporate departments.

Read the North America Innovative Lawyers 2023 report here, view the FT Top 35 Innovative Firms here and the showcase of innovative programs here.