July 10, 2018

The International Committee of Women Together recently honored partner Maria-Leticia Ossa Daza with its annual Women Together Award at a special ceremony held at the United Nations. The Women Together Awards “recognize the work of men and women who promote ethical, philosophical, moral, economic, scientific and cultural values that can serve as individual and collective inspiration to develop fairer societies that ensure a better transmission of our planet to future generations.”

Ms. Ossa Daza was honored for excellence in the areas of banking and international finance, noting that “Her personal dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to her profession is a valuable example of female empowerment that concerns the achievement of some of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”

Portafolio, the leading business magazine in Colombia and the region, subsequently profiled Ms. Ossa Daza on the award and her Latin American practice. In the article, entitled “Si algo no es fácil no significa que sea imposible” (“If something is not easy, it does not mean it's impossible”), Ms. Ossa Daza discussed how she leveraged her considerable language skills and unique knowledge of the region to help develop the firm’s Latin American practice. She also discussed the current business climate in Colombia and the impact of the recent election. She told Portafolio that “infrastructure is a sector that will benefit from investments and is a key sector in Latin America,” and discussed how compliance with anti-corruption laws is a key to growth for Latin American companies.

Read: Empresas: Si algo no es fácil no significa que sea imposible, Portafolio, July 4, 2018

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