May 26, 2014

Corporate partner Maria-Leticia Ossa-Daza was included on the Latin Trade Group’s  2014 listing of “Rising Legal Stars of Latin America.”  The listing, published in  Latin Trade magazine, “honors 25 lawyers who are quickly making a name for themselves in legal issues concerning Latin America, and are among the most qualified in dealing with the business environment there. These attorneys are the up-and-comers, those quickly gaining a reputation for excellence in their field.” 

The list recognizes leading up-and-coming lawyers from a  number of firms and countries, with backgrounds in a number of fields. They practice in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, with a reach throughout the region. The attorneys are recognized for their exceptional service to major corporations and banks, as well as Latin American sovereigns. 

In announcing the listing, Latin Trade writes: “Though representing diverse practices, specializations, and geographic locations, what unites these lawyers is their reputation for excellence, and their commitment to resolving and facilitating the legal concerns of Latin America. These are truly the lawyers to keep an eye on, and are individuals that should show up in Latin Legal Stars in the coming years.”