July 18, 2022

Dr. David Ehmke, an associate in Willkie’s Business Reorganization & Restructuring Department in Frankfurt, has co-authored an article in HERO Magazine 2022 Q2 on StaRUG, a new German regime that for the first time provides debtors with a process for a financial restructuring outside of a formal insolvency proceeding.

The article discusses the new out-of-court restructuring procedure that allows debtors to restructure their debt and bind dissenting creditors. In addition to providing an overview of insolvency law in Germany and an analysis of the StaRUG restructuring process, the article highlights both the benefits of the new framework for debtors as well as potential reforms that could significantly improve the procedure.

The full article “Germany: Still Waiting for the Revolution in Restructuring to Come?” is available here.

David Ehmke
Dr. David Ehmke Associate Business Reorganization & Restructuring