April 21, 2022

Willkie has partnered with nonprofit Urban Alchemy (UA), which announced today the transformation of the lot at the corner of Hyde and Turk streets in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood into a fully-staffed activity center and respite for the community.

This project was made possible through a donation from the Willkie San Francisco Foundation, which was established in 2021 with 100 percent participation from Willkie’s San Francisco-based partners each providing a personal contribution to the Foundation, which was then matched by the Firm. After an interview and assessment process in Summer 2021, Willkie’s Foundation Advisory Committee, which consists of partners, counsel, associates, and staff professionals, chose to partner with UA. While a component of Willkie’s partnership with UA is a monetary donation, Willkie also provides pro bono counsel to UA.

UA was founded in 2018 to bring a sense of peace and respect to America’s most chaotic urban areas that are struggling with the intersection of extreme poverty, addiction, mental illness, and hopelessness. UA prioritizes employing former long-term offenders who have dedicated their lives to healing and redemption through service.

Eduardo Santacana, partner in Willkie’s San Francisco office, commented: “The establishment of the Willkie San Francisco Foundation and our partnership with Urban Alchemy mark a significant and important milestone in our ongoing commitment to the San Francisco community, in which we live and work. We believe in UA’s mission and are excited to see what we can accomplish together.”

The Willkie San Francisco Foundation is modeled from the Willkie Greater DC Community Foundation and focuses on supporting non-profit youth programs and educational initiatives serving underprivileged youth in the Greater Washington Area. The Firm has a long-standing commitment to serving the underprivileged, promoting social justice, and supporting the communities in which we live and work.