Public Law and Enforcement

•    Advising OFI Infravia in the acquisition of a stake in Régaz Bordeaux Amir Jahanguiri – Thierry Laloum/Vincent Brenot - 2014
•    Advising DFE on the financing aspects of the construction, maintenance and operations of new campus in Grenoble university- Thierry Laloum / Amir Jahanguiri 2013
•    Advising on the project for the construction, financing, maintenance and operations of the Highway L2 in Marseille Amir Jahanguiri – Thierry Laloum/Vincent Brenot - 2013
•    Advising Natixis and the city of Marseille in a € 40 million private placement Thierry Laloum/Vincent Brenot - 2013
•    Advising Natixis in two bond issues for Champagne Ardenne region – Thierry Laloum 2013
•    Advising Agence Française de Développement (AFD) on several issues – Vincent Brenot 2013
•    Advising banks pool and 16 hospitals in their € 228 million bond issue - Thierry Laloum/Vincent Brenot - 2013
•    Advising Pays de la Loire region in relation to the setting up and the update of a euro medium term notes program – Thierry Laloum 2012
•    Advising banks pool and 44 French local authorities in their €610 million bond issue - Thierry Laloum/Vincent Brenot - 2012
•    Advised Chemtura on the environmental issues regarding the transfer of its Seveso classified site in Catenoy (Oise) - Vincent Brenot 2013
•    Advised Arkema on the environment aspects of the sale of its Vinyl product business to Klesch Group and subsequent issues relating to the insolvency procedure affecting the newly created entity Kem One. Vincent Brenot 2012
•    Assisting Petroplus on the environmental/regulatory aspects of the contemplated shut down of the Reichstett refinery (Alsace - France). Vincent Brenot 2012
•    Assisting FMC Chemicals in a the context for the challenge of the decision taken by the EU authorities and the French government to withdraw one of its key products from the market (bifenthrin) Vincent Brenot 2012
•    Assisting the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations with regards to the acquisition of shares in a company specialized in renewable energy Vincent Brenot on going
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