June 1, 2023

On Thursday, June 8 at 1:35 pm PT, Sid Fohrman, Chair of Willkie’s Music and Digital Media Practice, will be speaking on the Pixels and Playlists: The Artistic Evolution of Gaming panel as part of the 2nd Annual Trusted X LA Technology Summit. Artists partnering with video games or expanding their engagement to Web3 is no longer a new move. From navigating emerging technology changing the nature of music and Web3, to branding the perfect partnership between a top artist and video game, this panel will address the big questions and discuss what to expect in the future of this space. The panel includes seasoned professionals who work at the intersection of music and gaming, and will discuss where we’re at in 2023.

The Trusted X LA Technology Summit will bring together top attorneys, business managers and tax professionals, and prominent professionals and thought leaders in entertainment, tech and Web3.

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