April 6, 2023

On April 26-27 senior counsel and Co-Chair of the Willkie Digital Works practice J. Christopher Giancarlo will be speaking at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas, hosted by CoinDesk.


On Wednesday, April 26 at 4:15 PM CT Chris will host a session called ‘Crypto Dad’ on the Digital Future of Public Money” where he will discuss the mission to ensure that both sovereign and non-sovereign digital currencies of tomorrow protect and advance the interests and values of a free society rather than serving as government or corporate surveillance tools.


On Thursday, April 27 at 12:30 PM CT he will participate on a roundtable discussion “The Digital Future of Public Money” where the discussion will focus on the evolution of public money, and how it is rapidly accelerating as countries around the globe explore central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Technologists, central bankers, policymakers, and businesspeople from around the world come together to discuss critical questions about privacy, financial inclusion, global standards, interoperability, the role of private sector stablecoins and the long-term implications for the U.S. dollar’s role as global reserve currency.


Consensus by CoinDesk covers all sides of blockchain, crypto, Web 3 and the metaverse, and is the world’s largest, and longest-running conference dedicated to the crypto community. Bringing together developers, investors, founders, brands, and policymakers, Consensus will ignite hard-hitting conversations, spark critical debates, and host one-of-a-kind experiences for how these technologies and communities are remaking the worlds of finance, investing, culture, entertainment, marketing, governance and more.


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