November 1, 2022

On Monday, November 14 at 10:00am CT, New York-based partner Kari Larsen will participate on the panel “Regulatory Battlegrounds” at FIA Expo 2022. The panel will be focused on the latest approaches to regulating emerging areas of the derivatives markets, including crypto assets and retail products, and consider how financial markets can and should support the management of climate risk.

On Tuesday, November 15 at 1:45 pm CT, Washington-based partner Neal Kumar will be participating on the panel “Law & Compliance - Hot Topics” at FIA Expo 2022. The panel will examine legal and regulatory issues that have been the focus of FIA’s Law & Compliance Division and ongoing efforts to address such challenges.

FIA Expo 2022, held in Chicago, will include compelling panels that build knowledge, product demos and pitches that deliver innovative solutions and networking opportunities that celebrate human connections.

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