15th Annual Forum on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Houston

January 19, 2022

On January 26, Willkie Litigation partner and Chair of Willkie’s global Compliance, Investigations & Enforcement Practice Group Martin Weinstein and counsel Jay Martin will speak at ACI’s 15th Annual Forum on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in Houston, Texas.

ACI’s annual forum is the go-to anti-corruption event for local and regional industry with an agenda featuring senior government officials, in-house legal and compliance decision-makers, as well as outside counsel involved in some of the most historic cases to date.

At 9:30 am CT, Martin will speak on the “Where Are We – and Where Are We Headed – Compliance, Due Diligence, Audits and Investigations: How Industry is Dealing with the Knowns, Unknowns, Policy Updates and Protocols” panel. In this session, panelists will discuss some of the lingering questions that compliance teams have to answer while trying to maintain compliance during and after the pandemic, including:

  • Gathering evidence and training remotely – will it continue, and what are the budgetary ramifications of returning to in-person methods?
  • Will compliance programs remain adequately resourced and empowered to function effectively?
  • Are compliance programs equipped to handle more instances of parallel FCPA investigations by the growing number of global authorities?

At 2:45 pm CT, Jay will speak on the “How Industry is Implementing a Big Picture Approach to FCPA Compliance: Concrete Examples of Policies, Processes and Internal Control Upgrades to Better Detect and Monitor Risk” panel. Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to identify patterns of FCPA risk in your industry and/or location, in order to address the vulnerabilities that are most likely or common for your organization.
  • How to develop a better understanding of risk profiles and history, as well as re-assessing prior incidents, to ensure that your compliance program is progressing.
  • Implementing a third-party risk management program that can generate reports containing risk ratings and alert categories.

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