March 17, 2021

Partners Laura Delanoy, Elliot Gluck, Ben Haskin, and Jay Spinola will speak at the upcoming 2021 Mutual Funds & Investment Management Virtual Conference.

On March 17, they will provide an overview of key considerations in fund industry mergers and acquisitions and similar consolidation transactions. With the ever-accelerating pace of consolidation in the asset management industry, many asset managers are focused on both growing parts of their business and exiting other portions of their business. While every deal is unique, there are common themes and considerations across the consolidation landscape. The discussion will focus both on transactional and regulatory considerations, as well as key decision points including:

  • Buying the advisory business versus adopting the funds
  • Shareholder/client consents
  • Retaining subadvisory relationships
  • Purchase price adjustments and closing conditions
  • Service contracts
  • Distribution
  • Regulatory and litigation considerations
  • Due diligence

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