Swaps and Derivatives Global Market Regulation

June 29 - 30, 2015
New York, NY

Partner Rita Molesworth spoke at the American Conference Institute's National Advanced Summit on Swaps and Derivatives Global Market Regulation.

Rita Molesworth served as a panelist on the topic of "State of the Market: Reviewing the Impact of Dodd-Frank on the Derivatives Market to Date." This panel reviewed the following issues:

  • Regulatory initiatives, rule-makings, interpretations, enforcement actions during the past year and possible agenda items for the next year
  • What is the DFA’s impact on hedge funds, collective investment vehicles, banks, and end-users to date?
  • What are the issues that have developed since the implementation of the clearing and reporting rules?
  • How are business practices adjusting to the changes?
  • The interplay between regulatory agencies – how the CFTC, SEC, FERC, the Fed and the US Treasury overlaps are shaking out
  • Are markets any safer today?
  • Impact of the ISDA® Resolution Stay Protocol