Form PF: How to Comply with New Reporting Requirements & What Regulators are Likely to Do with Your Sensitive Data

April 3, 2012

Organizer: IA Watch

Topic: Regulators' thirst for data on your private funds seems unquenchable. Count the latest example the new Form PF, which regulators say will provide "important information about the basic operations and strategies of private funds and help establish a baseline picture of potential systemic risk in the private fund industry."

The data are to be kept confidential by the SEC, the CFTC and the Financial Stability Oversight Council. The first reporting deadline is as early as June but, given the extent of data requested, you can’t get started early enough.

And keep in mind that the regulators readily admit your Form PF data will “complement information the SEC collects on Form ADV” and the CFTC obtains from registrants – making accurate, consistent reporting vital.

Please mark the date, Tuesday, April 3rd, and join us for a timely look at this important new regulatory requirement and hear:

  • Why the information requested on the form differs by the type of fund you manage and its size

  • Best practices strategies for gathering the data now and on an on-going basis

  • Compliance deadlines and annual reporting responsibilities

  • Whether you can really count on regulators to keep these sensitive data confidential

  • Examples of data requested by regulators, from exposure to derivatives to leverage, the performance of the private fund to the types of investment strategies deployed, and more

  • Why your regulatory AUM may differ on Form PF compared with your Form ADV

  • How greater transparency via Form PF can change the way you do business (the SEC believes the data will cause advisers to “assess more carefully the risks associated with particular investments” knowing regulators are watching)

  • Odds on whether OCIE will use the data for selecting private fund advisers to examine

  • And much more.

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