August 17, 2023

Willkie partners Justin Browder and A. Kristina Littman and counsel Michael Selig contributed to a newly released report published by FTI Consulting in conjunction with The Block Pro, which examines the regulatory landscape and enforcement actions surrounding cryptocurrencies in the United States and worldwide. The report, Trends in Regulation of Digital Assets, provides detailed reporting of the new laws, litigation and government investigations across the blockchain and digital assets environment, including commentary and analysis from lawyers in the industry.

The report provides analysis of the current regulatory guidance in several key regions, noting that major international jurisdictions are increasing regulatory activity and oversight surrounding digital assets through a wide variety of approaches. The U.S. has pursued regulation by enforcement, wherein enforcement actions are taken to clarify and impose existing rules, rather than establishing new, dedicated laws for the industry. Separately, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and several countries in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions have implemented robust regulatory frameworks directly aligned to digital assets, with some establishing processes for financial institutions to obtain special licensing to operate in digital assets markets. In the report, the Willkie attorneys address the state of digital asset regulation in the US, including the approach to enforcement and state-level developments. 

The report was commissioned by FTI Consulting, Inc., a global business advisory firm, in conjunction with The Block Pro, which provides research covering the digital assets, fintech and financial services industries. 

Read the full report here: Trends in Regulation of Digital Assets

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