October 7, 2021

Corporate & Financial Services counsel Cindy Chernuchin contributed to the survey book, Global Financial Collateral: A Guide to Security Interests in Securities, Securities Accounts, and Deposit Accounts in International Transactions, as a member of the Editorial Board, which is now in print.

It represents a true international collaboration of the efforts of Cindy, her UCC industry colleagues and her secured transaction colleagues abroad, and is a valuable resource for lawyers working on cross-border secured transactions involving common types of financial collateral (including directly and indirectly held certificated and uncertificated securities, other financial assets, securities accounts and deposit accounts). The book dedicates a chapter to each jurisdiction that is surveyed to provide general guidance when negotiating such a secured transaction in that jurisdiction.

Carefully edited to enhance comparison, the book aims to assist lawyers in framing their choice-of-law analysis and help them to gain insight into the substantive law complexities that can arise in transactions involving financial collateral. The survey covers more than 40 jurisdictions worldwide.

View the book here.

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