March 28, 2023

On March 9, long-time Willkie client, Mr. O, was granted U.S. citizenship.

Working with Human Rights First, Willkie represented Mr. O for nearly a decade. In 2016, Willkie helped Mr. O secure asylum based on his well-founded fear of returning to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was imprisoned and tortured for his participation in a political organization protesting the oppressive government regime in power at the time.  

After Mr. O was granted asylum, Willkie continued to work on his behalf, helping him get his green card in 2018 and secure work authorization while he stayed in the United States. On March 9, after nine years as a Willkie client, Mr. O officially became a U.S. citizen.

Willkie partner Shaimaa Hussein led the Willkie team, representing Mr. O at every stage of his immigration case, and a multidisciplinary team of associates, including Mary Delsener and Ciara Ann Sisco, assisted Mr. O at various stages of the process.