July 7, 2022

Chris interviewed extensively on three-part podcast and radio series on blockchain technology.

J. Christopher Giancarlo, senior counsel and Co-Chair of the Willkie Digital Works practice, was interviewed extensively on Freakonomics Radio for a three-part podcast series, “What Can Blockchain Do for You?”

The in-depth series, which will also be broadcast on National Public Radio member stations, discusses the evolution of cryptocurrency, the recent crypto crash and the prospects for blockchain technology.

Chris formerly served as the chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), where he oversaw regulation of the futures, options and swaps derivatives markets, and was instrumental in implementing a “Do No Harm” regulatory approach towards blockchain technology.

He is widely recognized as a leading authority on cryptocurrency and digital assets, financial markets and regulatory policy. Chris’ recent book, CryptoDad: the Fight for the Future of Money, details his experiences as CFTC chairman and examines the rise of Bitcoin, crypto and central bank digital currency.

The three podcast episodes of Freakonomics Radio can be found here.