October 14, 2020

Ms. Walker was one of five Columbia Law alumni to take part in the discussion.

In a recent Q&A interview entitled “Diversity at Law Firms: A Renewed Focus,” Willkie counsel and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Kim Walker spoke with Columbia Law School on the diversification of the legal industry. Along with four other Columbia Law alumni who are leading their law firms’ efforts to increase diversity, Ms. Walker shared her perspective on the challenges for Big Law to recruit and retain attorneys of color.

In the Q&A, Ms. Walker and her fellow alumni addressed subjects including the effects of this year’s racial justice movement on the culture and internal practices at large law firms; common barriers to diversity and inclusion, such as unconscious bias; the role law schools can play in helping to diversify the legal profession; and the steps that individual law firms can take in order to strengthen their diversity efforts moving forward.

To read the full article, please visit the Columbia Law website here.