July 8, 2020

On July 9 from 3 to 4 pm ET, Willkie, along with Footsteps, will host a CLE webinar titled: Representing Parents Leaving the Ultra-Orthodox Community.

Parents who leave ultra-Orthodox religious communities may be forced to choose between custody agreements that trade away their constitutional rights or losing contact with their children. This training, presented by Footsteps, will provide an overview of how custody issues are decided, present the legal barriers faced by formerly ultra-Orthodox parents, and discuss Willkie’s pro bono attorneys’ experience providing vital pro bono representation. In addition, a formerly-Hassidic parent will discuss custody battles faced when seeking to live a more secular lifestyle.

Footsteps, an organization that provides support and services for people leaving ultra-Orthodox communities, is offering this training as part of its Preserving the Bond initiative, a legal project engaging law firms to deliver critical pro bono representation and to promote legal reform for this marginalized population.

For more information, including how to register, contact