June 26, 2013

Mr. St. Jeanos discusses his career and the practice of insurance law.

On June 24, Law360 published a feature interview with Litigation partner Christopher St. Jeanos. Law360’s Q&A series focuses on leading practitioners in various areas of practice. The interview, entitled "Q&A With Willkie’s Christopher St. Jeanos," includes insights from Mr. St. Jeanos with respect to the practice of insurance law and his career. Among the topics of discussion, he talks about the challenges of his ongoing work in In re Insurance Brokerage Antitrust Litigation, also known as Multidistrict Litigation 1663, which involves virtually every major U.S. insurance broker and insurer. He also discusses aspects of his practice that are in need of reform, including obstacles in coverage cases that prevent parties from getting to the heart of disputes quickly and efficiently, and major issues affecting his practice such as the continuing effort to define the scope of duty owed by an insurance broker.

Read: "Q&A With Willkie’s Christopher St. Jeanos" (Law360 6/24/2013)