Debtwire Week 2018

October 16-18, 2018

Partner Lionel Spizzichino recently spoke at Debtwire Week 2018 in London on the restructuring of CGG, together with Jean-François Cizain from Messier Maris & Associés.

Lionel and Jean-François led the discussion on the restructuring of CGG from financial and legal perspectives.

CGG is one of the largest restructurings in French history, and the first-ever successful coordination of a French sauvegarde proceedings with a U.S. chapter 11 bankruptcy case, CGG, a geosciences company that provides services to the oil and gas industry, completed a multi-billion dollar restructuring on February 21, 2018.

Debtwire Week 2018 features a range of viewpoints on the themes that will dictate yields in the year to come. More than 100 speakers take part from the most prolific credit funds, leading banks and advisors.

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