Willkie Antitrust Seminar – The EU Rules on Dominance in Practice

October 12, 2017
Diegem, Belgium

Willkie hosted a seminar in Brussels addressing the current practice by EU and national authorities on the rules applying to dominant companies.

On November 14, Willkie hosted a lunch seminar in Diegem (near Brussels) that provided attendees with a concise update on the current practice by EU and national authorities on the rules applying to dominant companies, particularly in light of the Intel Judgment from the European Court of Justice, which opened Pandora’s box of rebates.

Since it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not a company is dominant in a particular market, it is important for businesses to understand precisely what type of business conduct would violate Article 102 TFEU if they were considered dominant before engaging on a business course of action.

The business decision to ultimately move ahead or modify an intended business conduct is rarely simple. Key risk factors to consider are that a company might be considered dominant, that a particular business conduct might be considered as a violation of the antitrust rules, and potential enforcement ramifications.

The seminar provided attendees with up-to-date practical solutions to the typical business problems encountered in this context, including rebates, parallel trade and exclusive dealing, among others. The round table format encouraged active participation and provided a forum for in-depth discussion.

Speakers included Brussels partners Susanne Zuehlke and Adrien Giraud and associates David Kupka and Philipp Heuser.

For further details please contact us at Brussels@willkie.com or email any of the speakers.