January 28, 2016

Watch Mr. Mortlock discuss the implications of Iran’s president’s visit to France in the wake of lifted Iran sanctions.

On January 27, partner David Mortlock was interviewed on BBC World News about the implications of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s historic visits to France and Italy to discuss the new opportunities for trade with Iran. President Rouhani’s visit comes shortly after the January 16 suspension of certain international sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program. (Click here to read Willkie’s memo about the changes to Iran sanctions following Implementation Day.)

Mr. Mortlock, former White House advisor on sanctions, discussed the change in Iran’s diplomatic ties and the resulting influx of Iranian business deals with various countries. Citing remaining Iran sanctions, Mr. Mortlock noted that “companies are going to take advantage of these new opportunities, but they need to do so carefully, making sure they don’t cross any of the lines that still remain.”

Click here to watch Mr. Mortlock’s analysis.